Important Government Orders

Order No. Subject Date Download
No. C1/319/2019/Vig Notification inviting applications for appointment to the post of Public Prosecutors in VACB on contract basis. 02-11-2021
G.O.(Rt)No. 37/2019/Vig Vigilance Department - Badge of Honour for Excellent Investigation for the year 2017 – Orders issued. 19-03-2019
G.O.(Rt)No. 1083/2018/Home Temporary Promotion of Circle Inspector of Police to the cadre of Deputy Superintendent of Police and Transfer and postings of DySPs/ACPs – Orders issued. 13-04-2018
G.O.(Rt)No. 3196/2017/Home Transfer and postings of Officers in the cadre of Assistant Commissioner of Police /Deputy Superintendent of Police – Orders issued. 29-11-2017
G.O (Rt) No.2479/2017/Home Transfer and Posting of ACP/DySP - Orders issued. 20-09-2017
G.O (P) No.09/2017/Vig Organisation, Control and Supervision of VACB - Guidelines specified - further instructions 29-03-2017
Circular No.69090/Cdn.5/2010/GAD RTI Act 2005 - Reports about the victimization of people who use RTI to expose corruption and irregularities in administration prevention - instructions issued 14-10-2010
Circular No.8599/E3/04/Vig Functioning of Vigilance Cells in Government Departments and Public Sector Undertakings - Details called for 13-09-2004
Circular No.12223/E3/98/Vig Strengthening of Vigilance set up in Government Departments journeys performed - Exemption from monthly T.A Ceiling 02-07-1999
Circular No.5907/E3/98/Vig Speedy disposal of Vigilance Cases - Instructions issued 18-09-1998
G.O (P) No.46/97/Vig Departmental action on the basis of Vigilance Enquiry Reports –Procedured – Revised orders issued 31-07-1997
G.O (P) No.34/97/Vig Strengthening of Vigilance Set up in Government Departments and Public Sector Undertakings - Orders issued 11-06-1997
G.O (P) No.18/97/Vig VACB - Working of the Department - Future Orders - issued 05-04-1997
G.O (MS) No.16/97/Vig Vigilance Directorate - renamed as Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Bureau - creation of additional posts and purchase of vehicles - sanction of - orders issued 31-03-1997
G.O (P) No.14/97/Vig Investigation of Cases by Directorate of Vigilance & Anti-Corruption Bureau - Guideline issued 25-03-1997
G.O (P) No.65/92/Vig Vigilance Department - Set up, working and procedures - Revised orders - issued 12-05-1992
G.O (P) No.14/83/Vig Vigilance Department - Set up, working and procedure - Revised orders - issued 07-10-1983