Our Chiefs

Message of Hon'ble Chief Minister

The Government is determined to root out corruption in every sphere of governmental activity which will ensure speedy development of the state.

During the last Assembly election campaign, I had stressed this point and assured the people of Kerala that once our Government comes to power we will fight against corruption.

Accordingly, we have given a free hand to the Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Bureau to take all legal measures to prevent and detect corrupt practices. For fighting corruption the cooperation of the people is very crucial.

This website will give valuable information to the public which will come handy in extending co-operation to the Government and the VACB to root out the evil of corruption from our society. I hope this website will be extremely useful to one and all.


Message of Director

Corruption is the enemy of development, and of good governance. It eats into the service delivery system and hurts the citizens particularly at the grassroot level and so it is very essential that we must take effective steps to eradicate corruption from its roots. Both the Government and the people at large, must come together to achieve this national objective.

Building a corruption free society and public administration system is the core mission of the VACB and in this regard we plan to adopt a holistic approach in achieving this novel goal with the cooperation and coordination of all concerned. On one hand the VACB needs to become the watchdog against any corruption in public office and on the other hand coercive, strong and visible steps needs to be taken against corrupt officers, so as to serve as a deterrent to any form of corruption in public dealings.

But the task of the VACB does not end here. A permanent solution can only be achieved if we build an ethos, where there is a pride in public service, which eliminates any demand for gratification. The public also need to be made aware that they need to play their part, in firstly refusing to get the work done through any gratification and on the other to report and demand for gratification.

Apart from this, encouragement to bring forth systemic changes, digital technology infusion, check and balances, digital financial payments etc in the public offices need to be emphasized, which brings forth a natural check on corruption in public service delivery.

I call upon all the members of the VACB, every member of public service and all the citizens to partner us in making a “Corruption free KERALA”.